Book Nerds Just Love to Procrastinate on This! [BOOK WEEK II]

Alas, we’ve reached the end of another BOOK WEEK. It’s been oh-so-fun and I can’t  wait to do it again next spring when my own book comes out. Also, we’re off next week for Thanksgiving, but will be back in the brightest of nerdy holiday spirit when we return on Monday, November 26th. Til then, here’s a huge chunk of book-centered procrastination:

1. Need a name stat for that character in that novel you’re writing? Try the Random Name Generator! [GalleyCat]

2. Helen Fielding is going to release a new Bridget Jones album next fall!!!! And it looks like Bridget’s going to be a mom in this one. Yes, that’s the sound of my squeeing my pants. [GalleyCat]

3. Wondering how humans might evolve over the next few centuries? Check out this list of “20 Essential Books About the Next Step in Human Evolution”. [i09]

4. Also, you never know when a Hurricane Sandy-like event might hit your neighborhood, so consider purchasing these “Survival Books to Keep on Your Bookshelf in Case of an Apocalypse.” You might want to also consider getting them in both physical and electronic forms, just in case your house is destroyed and you’re left with nothing but your relatively-easy-to-power-with-a-small-generator-or-crank-radio e-reader. [i09]

5. BTW, we’re going to be posting holiday gift ideas for nerds starting the week after Thanksgiving and going up until the week before Christmas. But just in case you want to get a head start on your list, friend of FaN, Kim Malgrem, has put together an awesome Pinterest board of “Christmas Ideas for Book Nerds.” Yes, please to the $42 JANE EYRE scarf in the featured image. Seriously thinking of looking into doing a custom order for a THE COLOR PURPLE one. [Kim Talks Books]

6. Kristine Kathryn Rusch points out that if you want to be around for the next 100 years, you had best get on top of your estate planning. A must read for all career writers. [The Business Rusch]

7. Tayari Jones talks about Ada’s Rules of 8 from Alice Randall’s ADA’S RULES:

“Alice Randall’s novel, Ada’s Rules, about a woman who wants to lose 100 pounds is part story, part self-help.  One thing I really like about it was this simple three point list to wellness.  Three simple things that anyone can do, but I suprised myself to see that I wasn’t always doing them.  Here they are:

8-8-8: Sleep eight hours each night. Drink eight glasses of water each day. Walk 8 miles each week. Three simple changes start Ada’s health and beauty revolution in the novel, Ada’s Rules. Talk to your doctor about whether they make sense for you.”

This is great and super simple. I’m so getting a pedometer after I’m done housing these twins. I’m also planning to read the heck out of ADA’S RULES.  [Tayari Jones] 

8. Reese Witherspoon is producing a genderswapped GREAT EXPECTATIONS for the CW. Now that’s one YA show I’m going to watch so hard. [The Mary Sue]

9. Ooh! Library Porn! I see you winding stairs and cleverly arranged books. [xoJane]

10. And going back to the need for good estate planning, here’s a list of “5 Beloved Book Series That Continued (Badly) After the Original Authors Died.” Don’t let this be you, yo. [Topless Robot]

Wow, THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ by L. Frank Baum  is a book that just never stops giving us new movie and TV translations. Unfortunately, in the case of the WIZARD prequel, OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, it’s like a bunch of male movie execs got together and said, “Wouldn’t that story have been so much better if the protagonist were a guy and all these hot witches like needed him to save them from the ugly green sister?” Sigh.