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BRIDESMAIDS REVIEW [Philosophical Monday]

I don’t want to call my favorite movie of the year yet, since most of the Oscar fare won’t be released until the latter months of 2011 and I have a short attention span. But BRIDESMAIDS is definitely my favorite movie of the year so far. Here are five things that I just loved about it:

1. Not the usual rom-com heroine. In a way more interesting twist, instead of getting the nthteenth reincarnation of Meg Ryan’s uptight, Sally, the script explores the life of Annie, a woman who not only doesn’t have everything together, but whose life proceeds to further unravel right before our horrified (but laughing) eyes.

2. Totally relatable. I haven’t and perhaps never will be asked to stand up in anyone’s wedding. Part of the reason for this is that both my friends and I know that if gifted with this responsibility, I would totally eff it up. On one hand, not having organizational aptitude has been the source of more guilt than I can quantify. On the other hand, I take solace in knowing that I could never eff up the details as bad as Annie does in this movie. So I found the situation both relatable and ego-boosting.

3. Well-written situations. I really loved that all the situations in this comedy were either totally fresh or if derivative had something going for it that made it feel really fresh. Screenwriting students would do well to study the way situations are escalated and executed in this comedy.

4. Maya Rudolph. With IDIOCRACY, AWAY WE GO, and now BRIDESMAIDS under her belt, Maya Rudolph is gradually becoming one of my favorite actresses. I love that she isn’t insanely thin. I love that you never have any problem understanding why her movie love interests would fall head over heels for her. And in this movie, I love that her race wasn’t just glanced over by including one parent of color, but that all of her festivities had black and white folks from both sides of her family in attendance. Though, I must admit that every time she has a serious moment in any movie, the opening lines of “Lovin’ You” (by her mom, Minnie Riperton) pop off in my head.

5. Great love interest. I was pleased that Annie’s love interest seemed to genuinely like her from the get-go, and that their romance was written so that you could totally see why he’d consider Annie a catch (even if she herself does not).

The Anti-PAUL Report

Where there any people of color in this film? Yes! I’ve already mentioned Maya Rudolph. The only drawback of the movie was that I wished that there would have been a black bridesmaid. I found it hard to believe that Maya Rudolph’s character didn’t have any black friends or family members that she wouldn’t have wanted to include in her wedding party. There were so much improv comedy on display, that I didn’t understand why Niecy Nash hadn’t been invited along to the party.