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Brookyn Rebellion Dogs: A Few of Tilo’s Favorite Things


a blogumn by Shante Paradigm

Dogs eat the strangest things. Maybe I should qualify that: MY dog, seems to like to eat the strangest things.

tilo020509Tilo’s hit list:
Acai Juice
Really, anything in a bottle, including bottled water when his dog bowl is filled with fresh water.
Apple Cider
Potato Chips
Peanut anything
Creamy soups (I guess it’s the dairy?)

Of course, being my dog, he’s on a raw diet, which he loves, but my food is always very appetizing to him.

And it’s not Mr. Tilopa’s food quirks I’ve been noticing; he’s absolutely obsessed with my younger brother, Philip. Now Phil, is a great guy, and a total dog lover, clearly Tilo knows this. So Phil comes over and Tilo’s big brown eyes are wide, round and full of…love??? I mean, I can’t really say for sure if his heart was going pitter-patter, but he was positively vibrating with delight. Anyway, he’d hold onto his training for a few minutes, sitting at Phil’s feet and then suddenly he’d SPRING UP and shove his tongue down my brother’s throat..ahhh, teenage dog love. We busted out laughing while Tilo happily licked my brother’s face.

But the obsessions don’t always end with saliva and laughs. Tuesday we had a great morning in Fort Greene Park , and Tilo was playing with the dogs, running around, sniffing…good times being had by all. Well, Tilo loves to play with an unneutered male potbelly named Luciano. Kali, the 90 lbs. female King Corso also loves Luchie…fiercely. Needless to say, yours truly had to break up a fight between the two with the help of Kali’s owner. I ended up getting bit, which really is the hazard of breaking up a fight between two snarling, possessive animals with sharp canines.

On a more pleasant note, Tilo plays a little game with me: When I leave to go to the bathroom, he gets on my bed (the bed is near the door that leads to the bathroom), as soon as he hears me coming back, he leaps off and runs into his crate. Then he looks at me with big, innocents eyes, even though I’ve seen his skinny brown ass scurrying off the bed (not to mention, I can hear his loud-ass collar materials jingle-jangle). It’s pretty hilarious actually. If he could speak the same language I do, I imagine he might say, “Hi mom…sooooo, what’s gong on. ahem…”

Gotta love him.