Buy Me This: A Little Home in Brooklyn

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Buy Me This: A Little Home in Brooklyn

a blogumn by CH

I have always wanted to have a second house in New York. When I was young I wanted a apartment in Soho, but now I think this is more my speed.

I think Betty would love to play in the yard.

Also the fact that Truman Capote lived there and wrote some of his best work might help me convince etc. Though really, I don’t think the house would have to have been owned by someone famous to convince someone to want to live there. Check out this description:

I think Betty would love this yard!

With 11 fireplaces, parking for four cars, a mural copied from the Kennedy White House, a back porch and a garden like something out of a Southern estate, the Brooklyn Heights mansion is touted as the finest house in the borough’s finest neighborhood.

“It’s like living in a country estate in the middle of New York City,” said Karen Heyman, the Sotheby’s broker selling the property. “It takes your breath away the minute you walk in.”

The only downside is that they want 18 million for the house. But if you’ve got money like that, go¬†here.