Buy Me This: Retro Ranch Cool Part 2

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Buy Me This: Retro Ranch Cool Part 2


a blogumn by CH


Part 2 of my 50s retro ranch home series is about the furniture in the office. I do hope some day to have a beautiful office with furniture ripped right off the set of Mad Men.

Also look at this great site with a ton of info about the design of the show.


First let’s start with a desk. I actually have my grandfather’s 1950’s desk at home now, but if you are starting from scratch and have mad money I would recommend this.

More retro stuff for your office after the jump:


Next you need a big chair to drink your martini in




Then a couple of chairs for the guests in your office


Also you need a couch and

a coffee table for your more

“intimate” meetings


And last I don’t know if you need it or not but I have always wanted this





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Next week: Let’s talk about a living room…