Buy Me This: Retro Ranch Cool Part 4 of 5

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Buy Me This: Retro Ranch Cool Part 4 of 5


blogumn by CH

If you’re like me and come from a warm and sunny place, then you probably have fond memories of going to your Grandma’s house and sitting in metal patio furniture that would be so hot to the touch that it burned your skin.

Well if you want to relive those memories or if you want to torture your kids or grandkids have I found a web site for you. It’s called, and they have both restored and new retro 1950’s metal patio furniture. And in all seriousness, I love the way this stuff looks. You just can’t find anything that come close to this look anymore.

For my 1950’s Altadena dream home I would start with this rocker setting on my front porch so I can wave at the neighbors as they drive by.


Then for the back patio next to the pool I would need this glider and chairs


… and this lounge chair for me and etc to lay in and drink margaritas from this site

cu-8074-99 has tons of other great choices and they are always getting new items. So check it out.