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Chic Geek: For The One(s) You Love


a blogumn by Delia Hauser

vthingsOh, Valentine’s Day! How we love and hate you at the same time.   You make us feel cheesy and happy and sometimes disappointed, but what I want to know is, when did we stop giving valentines to EVERYONE we know?   I remember the transition from elementary school when we got a little something from everyone in our class to middle school where people could buy and send things to your homeroom like carnations or heart shaped lollipops.  It was during this transition that “popular” or “loser” really came into effect because some people didn’t get ANYTHING sent to them.  From that point on, we either put too much meaning in it all (the populars) or called it a stupid waste of money, thought and time (me).

vcardsBut maybe we should rethink this wonderful/horribly-depressing day!  There are some great things out there to get and give to friends, family, girlfriends and yes, even boyfriends.  Why not use the day as a reminder to tell ALL “your people” that you love them because now that we’re adults, we don’t want any of our loved ones to feel the sting of not getting ANYTHING on February 14th.  Stop thinking about consumerism for one second and imagine your best friend that’s single telling you he/she doesn’t care about all that Valentine’s Day crap and then crying all day because they realize in one fail swoop that they are truly ALONE.  Don’t let it happen this year.  I’ve included something for everyone on your list; raunchy, funny, sweet, vintage, pretty, or gross!  And if you really have no money, fold a freaking piece of paper in half, cut out a heart, and write that you love them in sharpie.  Please.


vcardsa.    Wax & Wool valentine – $3
b.    Buttonhead set of 20 valentines – $10
c.    Julia Pot valentine – $
d.    Michelle Brusegaard valentines – $8
e.    Sweetbeets valentine – $5
f.    Joutomaa set of 4 valentines – $6
g.    Ellipsis valentine – $3.50
h.    Cuore valentine – $4
i.    Paper Michelle valentine –
j.    Maybe You Should Die valentine – $5
k.   Pen And Paper valentine – $32
l.    The Craft Pantry valentines –
m.  Ghost Notion valentine – $4
n.    Julia Pott valentine – $4
o.    Language & Meaning valentines – $12
p.    Animal Parties valentine – $3.25
q.    Tracy Chong pop-up valentine – $6.50
r.    Beachykeen1 valentine – $3.50
s.    Jess LeClair valentine – $3
t.    Paper Heart Press valentines – $10
u.    Salutation Creation valentine – $2.75
v.    Pistachio Press valentine –

vthingsa.    Shy Siren necklace – $22
b.    Vinyl Fruit wall decal – $30
c.    Diva Loves Silver necklace – $50
d.    Wove willow and raffia heart – $7.50
e.    Binary Winter Press T-shirt – $24
f.    Jak Random Art bracelet – $15
g.    Veda Arts Fabrics love birds – $23
h.    Les Jardins de Vie sachet – $16.75
i.    Joshua Stone coasters – $19
j.    The Daily Pincushion pincushion – $15
k.    Emerlye Arts kirigami heart – $18
l.     Allover Art ring – $22
m.   Made With Molecules keychain
n.    Storia Home Eiffel tower – $10
o.    Joy’s Jewels cufflinks – $14.99
p.    Wee Gardens embellishments – $5
q.    Tobyboo framed art – $12
r.    The Mischief Makers necklace – $55
s.    Sweet Lollipop Shop lollipops – $12.95
t.    Tilly Bloom cufflinks – $15
u.    Nottypooch couples t-shirts – $32
v.    Airbrush Art custom t-shirt – $18
w.    J.C. Jewelry Design custom guitar pick
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