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Chic Geek: For Those Little (And Big) Thank Yous


a blogumn by Delia Hauser

Finding just the right way to say “thank you” can be tough when the gesture or work requires more of a reward than a card or pat on the back.  These little gifts are especially hard to shop for when we barely know the people we want to thank and, well, what IS a really good token of appreciation?

Well, darlings, here you go:

cardsandflowers1.    Start with a card. Get a beautiful (and unisex) set of thank you cards and always have them on hand.  You never know when you’ll need one, and having them means you won’t have an excuse to not send one.  If standard Thank You cards feel too stiflingly specific for you to have around (its possible), buy some simple floral letterpress cards that will later double as birthday cards in a pinch.

2.    Next, buy some flowers, but not real ones.  Buy beaded or felted or paper bouquets that will last forever. Don’t get me wrong, flowers are lovely, but think out of the box for those special thank yous.  If you must send something alive (or you’re thanking a man), get them a potted plant that will keep on giving and a cute pot for it to go in.

3.    Now, you could stop here unless they’ve been really good to you and also deserve a small gift (or two or three).  There are the good old standbys; iTunes, spa,, or movie theater gift cards.  OR, you could go out on a limb and buy them a little piece of art, monogrammed stationery, a cute coffee mug (or coffee mug cozy), or something quirky to put on their desk. I mean, I LOVE an iTunes gift card just as much as the next lady, but how awesome would it be to get jewelry or some sweet smelling handmade soaps instead?   It would be PRETTY awesome.

So do it. Now.  Get that “thank you” gift you’ve been putting off, or stock up on these finds for the future.  I’ve been careful to seek out things (almost) everyone would love and they’re all so wonderful I don’t know how you’ll be able to give them away!

cardsandflowersa.    Rock Paper Sugar paper bouquet – $24
b.    The Bittersweet Project card set – $25
c.    Smock Letterpress card set – $14
d.    Pocket Studio card – $3.50
e.    Shop Hearts & Anchors card – $3.95
f.    C.B.C.B Designs card set – $12
g.    Simple Ink card set – $20
h.   Dancusa paper bouquet – $40
i.    Mudpuppy bud vases – $26
j.    Squid Sense fabric flower – $16.50
k.   Designs By Steppie card – $4
l.    Kokomia card – $4.25
m.  Sycamore Street Press card – $4
n.   Simplesong card – $4.50
o.   Flowers by LJP beaded flower bouqet – $7.50
p.   Papaver Vert felted plant cozy – $36
q.   Sycamore Street Press card – $4
r.   May Day Studio card – $4

a.    Lave-me! Soap Co. set of soaps – $14
b.    Lotta Helleberg sachets – $20
c.    Miapella nourishing body butter – $12
d.    Turtle Papers monogrammed stationery – $25
e.    60 bugs cup cozy – $10
f.     oh, hello friend necklace – $13.50
g.    myfriendroze earrings – $24
h.    tulaLoo personalized cards – $10
i.     kiss ‘n tell notebook – $15
j.     Rosie Music print – $20
k.    Pretty little thieves painting – $15
l.     Silhouette Blue monogrammed cards – $25
m.   Mireio candle – $22
n.    Every Little Counts tote – $15
o.    Stylesmith necklace – $20
p.    Fernfiddlehead laptop cozy – $32
q.    Things are better with a parrott personalized stationery – $42.50
r.    Kika’s Fancy earrings – $30
s.    Vessels & Wares desktop squirrel – $10
t.     Jodii mug – $14
u.    Namaste Designs earrings – $26
v.    Dhara Holistics mud masque – $18


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