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Dating Ell-A: Beware of Reality TV stars who want to date you….

It’s one thing to be approached by a married man dusting off his game to see if he’s still got it, but it’s another thing to be approached by a reality TV star who is practiced in the art of the pick-up.

This wasn’t any “ordinary” reality TV star; this guy actually had a show focused on teaching inept men how to introduce themselves to women with the goal of landing their prey…preferably into bed.

I remember seeing an episode once and thinking there was something definitely creepy and rude about the way he showed his minions how to hunt for the female species.    As I tried to register where I’d seen him before, he took my inquisitive look as an invitation to approach.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, I’m sure it is daunting for the male species to sidle up to a girl and engage her in conversation.  I know women can be bitchy, stand-offish and dismissive.  I know because I’ve done that to guys I wasn’t interested in.   I’m sure I’ve doled out my fair share of not-so-nice behavior, but let’s face it, some guys are so strange and some come on so strong that the blunt, emotion-squashing approach is sometimes the only way out of the unwanted predator/prey situation.

As the reality star approached, I admit, I’d had a bit to drink.  I made up my mind earlier in the evening that I was going to be open to something happening.  So drink enhanced, there I was smiling and sending out my come hither vibes to any predator that looked like a good catch or at least could almost pass for one.  As he closed in on me, here’s what I remember from the first encounter:   1. He stood waaaaayyy too close to my face when talking to me, invading my personal space by a mile   2.  He called me “beautiful” multiple times over   3.  He was not good looking.

And when he pulled out his iPhone to show me a video clip of the show, that signature move clinched it for me.  Yup.  I was at a loss for words and looking for an exit strategy –fast.

Why I gave him my real phone number, I’ll never know.  Maybe I thought it would end this strange encounter quickly and that he’d never actually call.  I don’t know; I’m blaming it on the alcohol like Jaime Foxx taught me to do.  I should have had the sense to run the other way.

My massive lack of judgment cost me this time.  He actually called at 9am the next day.

Waking from the 6 hours of sleep I got after dragging myself home from the club around 3 am, I was in no mood to be told I was beautiful.   Was this the type of advice he was doling out for a high price to the army of womanizers he was creating?   Did the handbook say to call and then text repeatedly throughout the day?   My 9 am level of regret turned into deep annoyance by 6 pm Saturday night.

“Roll with me and my girls, baby.  You are so beautiful.”   (Who says “roll with me and my girls”?)  During the 9 am phone call, I really had no response for the “roll with me” comment.  Frankly, I didn’t even remember who he was until he reminded me about his iPhone replay.    However, my momentary lapse in memory didn’t seem to stop him from asking me out — again.

What’s a girl to do?  I made a mistake and had to shut it down.  At least the compliments were nice to hear.  I’ll take them even if they come from a reality TV star that says “roll with me” and means it.  Maybe it’s the price I pay for being open. Whatever the case, the prey had a chance to look at her predator and decided to pass.  Maybe next time on the Serengeti, the reality TV star will change up his strategic approach.  I wonder if he could charge extra for that?

featured image credit: patries71