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Dear Thursday: DVR Alert

Hey darlings! Sorry for the short post but have a crazy morning and am literally typing this on my iphone with one hand while I nurse Betty with the other.

Still, I wanted to remind you to set your DVRs for “Fringe,” which, much to my frustration, has moved from Tuesday to Thursday.

There’s also “The Office” premiere tonight as well as “Community” w/ Joel McHale and Chevy Chase, which I hear is quite funny.

“But Ernessa what are we going to do next week when “Grey’s Anatomy,” “FastForward” and “The Mentalist” all pile on?”

I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure out that one myself. But if you can get AT&T Uverse or Verizon ( I can’t get either in Altadena) then now would be the time to sign up as this Monday is also ugly with the season premieres of “House,” “Heroes,” and “Big Bang Theory” colliding in one big cluster-eff.

It’s like Sophie’s Choice all over again. Now excuse me, I have to burp Betty.