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Dear Thursday: Movies That Literally Change Your Life

holiday-lobby2So yesterday morning, I was listening to something about retirement on NPR, and I thought about Holiday, starring Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. In this movie, Cary Grant’s character wants to make just enough money to go on holiday for the rest of his life.

I saw this movie for free during my summer in New York at Bryant Park’s classic movie series, and afterwards, I determined that any extra money I made would be used towards retiring as early as possible as opposed to living a richer lifestyle. It literally changed my life.

Of course I’ve had to adjust that plan with marriage and now kids, but the point is that one 2-hour would change the way I live my life and think of money forever.

Do you guys have a movie like this? One that literally changed your life after you saw it? Let me know in the comments.