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Dear Thursday: Should We Look Away From Octo-Mom?

So according to Gawker, it looks like NBC might have least bribed Nadya Suleman for her already infamous interview. At the very least they according to some sources, they may have made (a reportedly seven figure) “donation” through an intermediary, after Oprah, ABC, and CBS refused to pay such a huge amount. NBC vehemently denies this.

Hmm. I’m a little concerned that we’re paying too much attention to this story. If she’s a ratings guarantee, then other people might pay her for interviews. Also, her appearances might lead to endorsements, television deals, all sorts of things that might lead to full-on monetary support of someone that might very well be mentally ill.

Weeks after the births, I’ve heard nothing about social workers or mental evaluations. It seems that the AMA has done a better job at starting to investigatethe doctor that performed Nadya Suleman’s IVF than California’s family services is doing at determining whether Nadya Suleman is a fit mother.

Sad but true, it is easier for people with money to get away with being mentally unfit parents than poorer people. And I fear that by watching Nadya Suleman like a trainwreck, we are helping her to escape the consequences of her actions and preventing her from getting the help that she may need.

Is it time for the world to look away from Nadya Suleman, so that the proper authorities can do their job? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.