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Dear Thursday: The Art of Re-Run

ratatouilleOne of the interesting things about having our nephew, Josh from “Future So Bright” spend the last month with us is seeing how his entertainment habits differ so very much from mine. While he was here, he rewatched television shows, movies, and even listened to the 7th Harry Potter tome (which he had already read twice) on audiobook while we roadtripped to Santa Fe and back. I, on the otherhand, have it as a general policy that I don’t re-watch or re-read anything no matter how much I like it.

My official word on the matter is that there are too many good things in the world waiting to be watched and read. Why waste your precious time on the same stuff? Also, I think I might have been embittered about having been assigned Romeo & Juliet no less than 5 times during my academic career while having to seek out other brilliant works on my own time dime.

Still, while Josh was here I did end up rewatching quite a few things, and I now have a new appreciation for movies like The Breakfast Club, Big Fish, and Ratatouille, which I maintained was the best Pixar film before his visit, but now that I’ve rewatched it two more times I super-feel that way .

I don’t think I’ll be re-renting the 4th (and best) season of The Wire anytime soon, but m/b I’ll be a little more understanding when Betty decides to watch something I was okay with only seeing once like a thousand times as children are wont to do.

Anyway this all got me to wondering about how you guys like your entertainment. Are you cool with the reheat, or do you prefer a new gourmet meal everytime like me? Let us know in the comments.