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Dear Thursday: The Best Marathons

So excuse me if you’ve ever killed yourself to train for one of those brutally long jogs, but I’ve always thought that the best marathons involved TV.

That’s why I was so sad this Monday. We were supposed to have a marathon of the Torchwood 5-episode Series 3, had been talking about it all weekend while on mini-vacay in Santa Barbara. But between baby duty, writing, treadmill assembly (mama’s got to get back in shape!), and other must-do errands, we didn’t get to start watching until 7pm, and sadly, we only got through 3 episodes b/f bedtime.

Then on Tuesday we were only able to watch one ep. And on Wednesday we were finally able to finish off the series.

I felt I had let my inner-nerd down. Before I met CH, I didn’t own a tv set and I watched every TV series the same way: one season at a time and in marathon chunks on my laptop. Now I’m beginning to realize that might have been my golden era as far as TV was concerned.And going forward I might be forced to watch all TV in (shudder) one-episode servings.

But how about you? Are you also a fan of the TV marathon and if so, what have you gone the enjoyable distance with lately? Please do tell. I’m seriously living vicariously through you these days.