DeLorean Watches, Payday Loan Sharks, and Cloned Dinosaurs Were All Spotted Procrastinating on This!

So after saying over and over again that I wasn’t going to dress up this Halloween … I’m dressing up. I’m just hoping my daughter won’t be too freaked out by my bearded Lady fortune teller ensemble. We’ll see. But what are you dressing up as this Halloween? Let me know in the comments.

If you have 15K lying around, this DeLorean watch may be totally worth it. It's not only slick as heck, it's made from a real DeLorean, and has a limited run of 81 pieces. Click through for more info from Fashionably Geek.

1. I’d been plagued by nightmares — at least one a week since childhood. But lately I’ve gone down to the adult norm of one per month. I credit therapy, self-help books and not watching as much scary TV now that we no longer have cable — but most of all, I try to either fight back against my attackers/chasers/circumstances as soon as I realize it’s a dream (read about a Native American-spirit animal version of this solve in an old 70s-era dream book) or rewrite the dream once I’m awake (a natural reaction when I don’t fight back in dream, since I’m a writer). As it turns out the rewriting bit, is now on the books as an official technique to ending chronic nightmares. [i09]

2. Just in case you weren’t sure payday loans weren’t evil and designed to bring on your financial destruction, read this firsthand account from a person who used to dole them out. [xoJane]

3. I loved this post about the beauty of raising late bloomers. [Homegrown Mosaic]

4. Sorry, JURASSIC PARK fans. Cloning dinosaurs just ain’t going to happen. [The Mary Sue]

5. Every writer who has any dream whatsoever of being a writer full time, needs to read this post. Every writer who is currently working as a full time or part time writer also needs to read this post. [The Business Rusch]

6. Just in case you were wondering, a lot of famous actors have come through LAW & ORDER — like a lot alot. [Jezebel]