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Do You Wear a Watch? [Oh, It’s Tuesday]

It’s official, I’m old. I know this not just because I am still just wrecked from my aforementioned seriously-delayed overnight flight with our toddler, but also because I’ve had a rather strange craving lately: I want a watch, not as an accessory, but as a practical timepiece. I’m sick of having to dig out my phone every time I want to know the time. When one’s arms are full of toddler that’s not always an easy thing to do anyway. When I was younger, I was fond of proclaiming that I never wore a watch, because “time ain’t my master.” I’ve changed my mind. Now I long to be able to glance at my wrist and know when it is. Time ain’t my master, but I have become its biggest fan.

What’s weird is that my distaste for watches used to set me apart, but now I don’t know very many people who wear watches. Whenever someone asks the time, it becomes a race to see who can pull out her or his phone the fastest to check. I also worry that because practically no one seems to wear watches anymore, wearing one myself will ensure that I am inundated with, “What time is it?” questions from chatty strangers, who either are too lazy to pull out their phones to check themselves or just want an excuse to engage with another human being. In either case, you know how I feel about chatty strangers.

But how about you? Do you wear a watch? And if so, what made you decide to start (or perhaps continue) wearing one when most people don’t anymore? Sound off in the comments.

featured image credit: n.zeissig