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Fierce And Nerdy In Seattle: Pierced and Crunchy


A blogumn by Kelli Bielema

You can take the girl outta L.A., but can you take L.A. outta the girl?

What first drew me to Seattle was that it was not Los Angeles.

After 10 years in the Land of Fruits and Nuts, as my father adorably calls it, I was in need of a change.  I call myself a “recovering actor,” simply meaning I stopped pursuing my dream of becoming a comedic screen legend.  A departure from the entertainment world meant to me escaping the planet known as Hollywood. I no longer wanted to spend half of my life in a car and the other half of it being consumed with weighing 4 pounds.

So now I’ve come to Seattle. Clean in environment, diverse in culture (eh, it’s getting better but it’s pretty Caucasian around here), and dynamic in arts and technology (nerds everywhere! Yay!). This town has quelled my allergies (no smog!), satisfied my cravings for good food (one of my new BFFs is a food critic!), and entertained me without end (a new band forms every 3 minutes here!), Seattle is the perfect fit for me.  Well, in some ways. And in some other ways, I feel like a complete outsider.

I’m Fierce & Nerdy in a way that has yet to be fully realized in this city.  A fish out of water for sure, there are some things where I am clueless in Seattle.  And some of these ways I will explore as I begin my page here.  These things are (but not limited to):

REI Membership
Multiple tattoos & piercings
Voracious appetite for reading
Voracious appetite for music
Voracious appetite for sushi
NPR listening
Sailing or anything boat-related (ferry rides excluded)
Political discussions with random strangers
Finding a partner that possesses all of these things when I clearly don’t.

The more time I spend in this town, the more I love it and the more I think it loves me back.  I’ll continue to wrap my arms around it, love the granola-eatin’, hemp-smokin’, library-book-readin’ crap out of it and share it with you here…

Love, Peace & Tofu.