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Deborah Blumenthal Has Big Plans [Fierce Anticipation]

Fiercely Anticipating:

A new book by Sara Zarr
A new book by J.F. Freedman (can you tell me how “Against the Wind” was never made into a movie?)
A new book by Tatjana Soli (Is the “Lotus Eaters” going to be a movie? Please say yes.)
More hilarious picture books by Anthony Browne

Kinda Wanna — Play Hooky

Instead of staring at the computer screen, I’d love to:

Go out to high tea
Go on a shopping spree at Sephora
Go to the nearest Christian Louboutin and try on shoes with four inch heels and pretend I can walk in them
Go to Central Park and spend the afternoon on the swings
Get a four hour massage
Go home and find a message from a top editor: We LOVE your new manuscript!

Wouldn’t Write About the following, if you paid me:

Developing amnesia – so damn overdone
Reality TV
Kim Kardashian
George and Laura
The first dog
Hot tubs
Plastic surgery
Slaughtering your own….you fill in the blank.
Blood sausages
Bangers and Mash

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