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Fierce in Seattle: Rude!

I don’t know, maybe it’s a sign of getting older but I think most people are rude. Sure, it was my own fault to suggest to my boyfriend on Sunday “Hey, let’s go to IKEA!” Did I forget that it’s the weekend Disneyland for the after 30 yipster set? We passed through the first parking lot, then the second, and finally found a spot in the third section. I’m fine with securing my vehicle far from the actual store. Plus, I have legs that work so why not use them? Parking near an entrance of any building is usually where most accidents and screaming matches take place, anyway. I’ll stick to the back forty, thanks.

I need to remember that online shopping is now a viable option...

Once we arrive inside, it’s butts to nuts. Forget that it’s raining with impending snow in Renton, WA — people need their Billy bookcases! And because no one goes to IKEA solo, it’s couples and families and extended families, each with the Costco-sized shopping carts in hand…and in the aisle. Just leave that thing anywhere, OK?! What happened to moving your cart out of the way and putting it to the side while you take a closer inspection of that Trollsta? And the aisles are akin to freeway lanes that seem to go but one way: the way you aren’t going. No one says “Excuse me” or “I’m sorry” if they happen to be in your way or accidentally bump into you. It reminds me of the 7 years working at Universal Studios Hollywood (yes, where you can ride the movies!) and I learned what I call “The Tourist Two-Step.” This slick move is one that requires, at times, cat-like reflexes to avoid the super-slow walkers, the wobbly weavers you can’t get around or the temper tantrum in check out #3.

This was our topic of discussion on the ride home from the Land of the Laaska:  at what point did everyone lose their ability to engage in polite interactions with fellow shoppers? You primarily find this lack of basic manners in your warehouse clubs, discount stores, theme parks and oh, just about everywhere. You have people butt in front of you in line for the bus, ride the bumper of your car on the highway, nudge you as you are waiting for holy communion…

Is it rudeness or is it that we have lost touch with how to interact with actual living, breathing people? Is everyone in such a race to the finish that we will take down anyone that gets in our way without apology? And what is it that we are in a hurry for anyway? Oh, I remember—getting those new Expedit shelves home.