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Fierce in Seattle: Stopping the insanity

It’s a wonder I don’t weigh 400 pounds. I love food. I love not only eating it, I love talking about it, reading about and shopping for it. You don’t want to be with me on a visit to Whole Foods. Well, unless you want to kick it for an hour or two. It’s really quite obnoxious. I become a bit agitated when a store staffer asks “can I help you find anything?” I really want to tell them the truth, which is “no, because I’m going to take my sweet-ass time looking at every shelf on every aisle.” I’m semi-obsessed with learning about new products, restaurants, poring over websites, cookbooks, I dive in to absorb it all. Since adopting a vegetarian lifestyle a few years ago, I have dug into my adoration even deeper. I want to discover everything there is to know and share it with the world. Living a life free of meat has enriched my health and spirit exponentially.

I recently created a new blog, Veg Out and About, as a way to connect to not only the vegetarian community at large, but to share thoughts and ideas to those who don’t know where to start.  While my reasons for adopting such a lifestyle are rooted in animal welfare, the health benefits have been quite impressive on how I feel.  This is what I want to share.  I realize that creating a blog is just a small cog in the wheel on the interwebs, but ultimately, I would like my little kernel to grow and expand. With our American diets and lifestyles creating nothing short of a health crisis, I want to be part of the machine creating influence and change with positive, accessible methods. My biggest influence is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  If you are a parent, most especially, you need to see this series now.   It’s an amazing look at our public schools and their nutrition – well, lack thereof.  It’s alarming, to say the least.

The force in this cupcake is strong...

And its no surprise how we all got here. We’re Americans. Better tends to mean bigger.  It upsets me to no end when I see morbidly obese people in any sort of assisted mobile chair. There’s a man I see weekly on my way to work. He’s in one of these motorized seats, half of his legs exposed, feet in Birkenstocks. His limbs are purple from lack of circulation and his toenails needed a clipping in the 90’s. I can’t imagine having so little control over myself that I would need help walking, or even giving myself a pedicure.   You can only blame so much on genetics, but we all have the ability to say no.  We all have the ability to take control when we feel out of control.  And while I sometimes feel I can eat my way to 400 pounds, I can stop myself after a second Trophy cupcake. I’ll think about a third, but I’ll stop. Not stopping, well, that would just be insane.