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Fierce OR Nerdy: Bank Error in Your Favor

a blogumn by slpc

We had a good showing of hands last week. Twenty-three votes (61%) went to Soldiers, leaving Dinosaurs with only 15 votes (39%). Even though Land of the Lost was in the losing category (and the reviews aren’t winning either), I’m still looking forward to seeing it this weekend. (But then, I sat through the Will Ferrell episode of Man Vs. Wild a couple nights ago, so I’m obviously a glutton for punishment.)

This week, I bring you your first Fierce OR Nerdy moral dilemma.

Almost a month ago, Leo Gao and Cara Young, the now infamous New Zealand couple, were reported missing after an employee at Westpac Bank made a rather large error in their favor. Instead of depositing $61,000 into the couple’s nearly bankrupt account, the teller forgot the decimal and deposited 6.1 million. The next day, the couple fled the country with all the money they could withdraw: 3.8 million. They flew to Hong Kong. They hit up casinos in Macau. And now, nearly a month later, they’re still on the lam, having evaded police on two continents, private detectives, and Interpol. It’s beginning to look like Leo and Cara actually got away with it.

So, what would you do if 6.2 million landed in your bank account? Would you be fiscally responsible? Or would you take the money and run?

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