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Fierce OR Nerdy: Dinosaurs vs. Basterds

a blogumn by slpc

Last week, Conan got a whopping 87% of your votes (and Zack, from Tall Glass of Shame, admitted to voting for Leno out of pity). So doesn’t it seem like NBC should be giving Conan the primetime show instead of Leno? Someday, perhaps. For now, just set your DVR for  The Tonight Show on June 1st when Conan’s first guests will be Will Ferrell and Pearl Jam.

Speaking of Will Ferrell… Land of the Lost comes out June 5th, which makes me realize, we’re already in the thick of the summer movie season. If you, like me, are shocked by how fast this happened, never fear. Looking at the list of remaining releases, we still have many more dinosaurs, wizards, gangsters, ghosts, soldiers, and aliens to come. I have to admit, I’m most stoked about Land of the Lost and Year One (dinosaurs) as well as Inglorious Basterds and G.I. Joe (soldiers). What about you?

WarOR Dinosaur

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Btw, when I first started this blogumn, I thought about creating a site to go along with it: a casual, crowd-sourcing experiment, pairing two dissimilar items — it’s kinda hard to explain. Luckily, I don’t have to, because someone else had the same idea, and I love that Ugg Boots rank in the bottom 10 right along with Aids, Cancer, and Fascism. But, if you’re the indecisive type, then this site where you can have BOTH explosions AND boobs may be more up your alley.