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File This Under: Mentos and Cola

So one of the really nice things about having a friend with a candyblog is that whenever you find a new and interesting candy — say fresh cola Mentos at the Belgian grocerystore — then you can bring it over to her and get a full report. Nice, right?

Here’s an excerpt from Cybele from candyblog’s review of fresh cola Mentos.

It seems natural that a candy that’s become world famous for fountains made from putting the mints in diet soda bottles would eventually have an actual cola flavored version. (But strange that it’s not available in the United States.)

Read the rest of the review here. But warning, if you haven’t been to candyblog yet, it’s extremely dangerous. You could lose HOURS. So don’t click on the link if you (like me) are trying to finish up a huge project before you leave for Thanksgiving.


Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk