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File This Under: Sad Santas

I’ve never been a huge fan of Santa and it’s been an ongoing argument between CH and me as to whether we’ll even pretend that there’s a Santa for our kids. I’m not comfortable with them believing that some random guy comes by the house to reward them with material goods for being decent human beings. But I’m also not comfortable with the idea of them being that one mean kid that tells all the more innocent kids that there is no Santa and that they’re babies for even thinking so. Anyway, we’ll see.

But this year, it doesn’t look like parents will have to stand in long lines with their kids at the mall, b/c a lot of stores are cutting back on their Santa coverage. According to Gawker via The New York post, Seasonal Santas are getting hit super hard by the recession. Here’s an especially sad tale about professional Santa Dick Shea:

[Shea] is expecting to earn around $3,000 this year, down from $30,000 two years ago – barely keeping up with cleaning and replacement costs for his $900 costume.

“It diminishes my ‘ho, ho, hos,’ ” he said.


Photo Credit: turtlemom4bacon/