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For Guys and Gals On the Go [Gal About Town: Fashion and Travel at Your Fingertips]

Being a Costume Designer and avid traveler, I often get asked the question, “What are your fashion/travel essentials?” Well friends, I’ve carefully compiled my list of the top twelve things a guy or gal should have when on the go.  This applies to your suitcase as well as the trunk of your car. These are items that can create an instant fix to your wardrobe problems and help your look stay on par.


1. Deodorant- Seriously, I love you men, but after a few hours, it’s just time for a refresher!

2. Belt- Honestly, they break, and having a spare (reversible preferred) one could save you when you need a quick change.

3.Running Shoes- For the long days when you just need to give your feet a rest.

4. Moisture Wicking T-Shirt- Really, it has so many purposes: that last minute hike, it’s crazy hot out and you didn’t wear an undershirt, you forgot to refill your “To-Go Kit” Deodorant, etc….

5. Athletic Shorts- Again, great in an emergency when you’ve spilled coffee on your pants, your boss feels like going for a workout after work and wants you to join, your lover wants to go for   a long walk to “talk about your relationship”….

6. Water Bottle- You need to stay hydrated, especially after that impromptu workout your boss put you up to.

7. Listerine Pack- Because no one likes bad breath, especially after a garlic-y meal. Do everyone this favor please.

8. Tie- Because you never know when you’ll need one at the last minute, or you spilled mustard on yours at lunch.

9. Razor – For when you need the emergency tie, and have to loose the five o’clock shadow. If you don’t like battery powered, here are instructions on dry shaving.

10. Socks- Really, no body wants to smell your Frito Feet.

11.Chap Stick – Dry, cracked lips look bad on anyone.

12. Sunglasses- Either an instant way to block the sun, or make you look important indoors.


1.Ponytail holder/Bobby Pins- To instantly add an evening up-do or hide a bad hair day.

2.Top stick- For almost any fashion emergency, especially when your blouse or dress tends to be a little tooooooo revealing.

3. Safety pins- When topstick won’t fix the problem, chances are a safety pin will.

4.White V-Neck t-shirt- When you spill something or need a fresh shirt, it’s a classic that can go with almost anything and looks great on everyone.

5.Either Concealer or a Powder- Always for freshening up.

6.Clear nail polish- It’s great to add an instant shine to non-manicured nails and is a quick fix to torn hose.

7.Roll up flats- They are everywhere now, and a true quick & chic fix to aching feet.

8. Chap Stick- It adds an instant look of lip gloss, along with a quick moisturizer for dry spots.

9.Listerine packs- Even gals get bad breath.

10.Sunglasses- For practical reasons and an instant chic accessory.

11. Body Spray/Perfume Roller- To help you smell like a flower after you’ve been dragged through the everyday trenches. I prefer Stella McCartney’s Roll On.

12. Mini Mascara- It slowly comes off throughout the day, have a travel sized one on hand to go from day to evening.

Now Boldy Go!

P.S.- I’m just dying to get my hands on Mondo’s “Rorschach dress” an wonder if the you gals feel the same?!

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featured image credit: Poppy Wright