Future So Bright: Facebook Vs. Twitter Apr10

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Future So Bright: Facebook Vs. Twitter


a blogumn by Josh Grelle

twitterovercapacity There seems to be a newish trend in the media, Twittering. It’s all over the news channels, especially Good Morning America. I honestly don’t get twittering, though. I don’t get why people do it or even what it really is.

From my understanding it’s just a website devoted entirely to facebook like status messages. Why would you twit (or tweet or twitter) if you could just do the same thing on Facebook? Facebook also has chat, groups, games, and messaging. So I just don’t see what’s so great about Twitter.

I don’t actually know anyone my age or in high school who twitters, although supposedly it’s a growing trend. One ABC article talks about how Twitter usage is up 700% from last year. However, it’s surprisingly not the technologically savvy youth causing the huge uptick, but adults in the 24-54 year old range who are making Twitter’s activity jump.

I guess this explains why it’s more popular with older generations. Twitter seems rather easy to use and is probably a good place to start an online social life for people who didn’t grow up with Facebook and Myspace.

Another article speaks out against Twitter because of its actual purpose: “Being exposed to details, from someone’s painful breakup to what they had for breakfast — and much more sordid details than that — feels like voyeurism,” says one 31-year-old public relations executive in Washington, D.C. “I’m less concerned with protecting my privacy, and more concerned at the ethics of a `human zoo’ where others’ lives, and often serious problems, are treated as entertainment.”

Although this article is directed against both Facebook and Twitter, I feel that Facebook is more than just looking at how people are spending their every waking moment. Facebook also has a user friendly interface and, like I previously said, has way more features.