Future So Bright: How To Feng Shui Your iPod Oct30

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Future So Bright: How To Feng Shui Your iPod


A blogumn by Josh Grelle

Okay, so In America, there is about 305,507,561 people according to the Census Bureau and about 6,732,780,911 people in the world which is a lot. Now think about the amount of songs you listen to and then think about the amount of songs in the whole entire world. The amount of songs that you hear on the radio or have bought on iTunes or seen on YouTube is so minuscule compared to what’s out there.

I recently have started trying to remedy this and so have many people at my school. Ever since the Olympics there has been an influx of foreign music, more specifically Chinese music and although most people can’t understand the lyrics, people still listen to them because music is music. I have also found listening to Chinese music very helpful in learning Chinese; it gives you a lot of pronunciation practice.

So anyways I have been listening to Chinese music for a while and it I find it quite enjoyable for a couple of reasons. For instance there haven’t been very many really great solo male singers in America the past couple of years. It seems like they are all in bands, or at least used to be bands. Well, in China there are a lot of really, really good solo male artists. Another thing I like about Chinese music is that most of their music (from what I can understand) seems to be a lot purer that some of the modern day American music. Instead of being about sex and drugs, it’s about love friendship and fun, and I find this extremely refreshing.

Here are some great music videos from some of the more popular male artists after the jump. Before you watch any of these videos make sure you remove any preconceived notion that you may have about Chinese music, because this is probably not going to be like anything that you could have pictured in your mind.

JJ Lin:

Huang Xiao Ming:

Bang Bang Tang:

And click here for Chinese hip-hop artist Lee Hom. Unfortunately the embedding is disabled by request on YouTube.


And here are some videos from popular female artists from China.

Tong Hua:

Jane Zhang:

Jang Nara:

Tanya Chua:

Gigi Leung:

(Jolin Tsai)