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Future So Bright: That’s So Crazy, It Must Be Japanese!


A blogumn by Josh Grelle

Hola everybody! Today I’m writing about something that I find so entertaining it hurts. One day I was merrily surfing YouTube, and I magically stumbled upon something  that changed my world forever…….. Crazy Japanese game shows = ). But instead of telling you about these, I should probably just show you because, well, no human being can accurately describe them, and actually I’m not completely sure I know what’s going on in all of them (there’s a rather big language barrier).

Silent Library:

Okay so I guess this one is a game show where basically these college guys are in a library and they have to  do horribly evil things to each other while not making noise, because they are in a library hence the name Silent Library.

If you think that’s bad, more examples of crazy Japanese game shows after the jump:

Dizzy Boxing:

So in this one they make two cross dress Japanese people spin super-fast and then try to box each other off a balance beam and then jump in a pie ( I really don’t understand what the pie is for though).

Human Tetris:

What’s happening here is that they are dressing up Japanese men in tight and shiny spandex suits, and making then squeeze through a hole in a wall that is zooming towards them.

Don’t Laugh:

This one encompasses teenage boys in a classroom setting who are shown videos of another Japanese kid trying to learn English. Here’s the good part if they laugh at all these weird guys come in and spank them with paddles.

Japanese Marshmallow Eating Contest:

This game show has teams of Japanese guys in kimonos who have to strap a rubber band around their faces and try to eat the marshmallow suspended in front of them in the shortest amount of time. The team who takes the least amount of time to do this wins.

– Enjoy.