Future So Bright: The Summer Reading List of 2069 Feb13

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Future So Bright: The Summer Reading List of 2069


a blogumn by Josh Grelle

Do you all remember in high school how you had to read a lot of the classic literature: The Iliad, The Odyssey, Great Expectations, and The Count of Monte Cristo? I do, although that may be because I am still doing so. In my English class we are doing a project on classic literature, and one of the objectives that we are supposed to achieve is to know what makes a book a classic. Well this got me thinking. If I’m stuck here reading this book that has no relevance  to the present, what books will some kid sixty years into the future be reading and complaining about.

harrypotterI found this to be an interesting prospect as I was staring at the pages of my book without really reading them. It may just be me but It’s really hard to choose which books will become future classics, there are so many and it seems that few of them are even popular enough to become future classics.

After a long time deliberating about this I decide on my top three. The Harry Potter series of course, The Davinci Code, and The Hot Zone. I do hope that in the future I can add A Molly Ringwald Ending to this list also, if that is what it will be titled in the future (keeping my fingers crossed)

Harry Potter is the obvious choice because of its extreme popularity, it inspired a whole new generation of readers, and the fact that it’s a realistically written fantasy book, meaning that it gets to the point instead of rambling on about nothing (LOTR — although I should say that I kind of enjoyed that series) .  I chose The Davinci Code because of the amount of controversy that goes along with it, and the amount of media time it has received.

I went to the local library to check it out the other day, however upon searching in the database for the book I was not able to locate it. They had Angels and Demons just not The Davinci Code. My third choice is The Hot Zone, I chose this book because of the amount of eye opening that came with it. I couldn’t get through a chapter without having to stop and think about some thing they said and going, “Like oh man what if this were to happen here?” or “omg that’s crazy!”

So now you have my top three future classics and now I’m interested in finding out what everyone else thinks. What books do you think will be on the  summer reading list in the future?