Future So Bright: Twilight Mania Nov13

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Future So Bright: Twilight Mania


A blogumn by Josh Grelle

Ok so I wouldn’t feel like I was completing my duties as the Fierce and Nerdy high school blogumnist, unless I wrote about Twilight at least once. If you don’t know what the Twilight series is, I can sum it up in four words (not counting the and) vampires, romance, and really popular.

So down here in Texas, especially in the high schools Twilight is the biggest thing since umm… idk… bottled water. Twilight is definitely the new Harry Potter, and I know that it is a romance story, but actually from a guys perspective, it’s a good read, especially the fourth book, Breaking Dawn. Though, I still don’t think it’s anything to get so worked up about like most all of the high school girls do.

For example my school has kind of been split up into two sides, Team Jacob and Team Edward. There has been an influx of arguments about it recently (with the hype of the movie and all) it’s a little ridiculous if you ask me but w/e.

So if you haven’t started reading this series then I highly suggest it. If you are planning to attend the movie (like me =]), and you haven’t read the books, and plan to wait to read them till after you see the movie, then I highly suggest that you don’t. This is  because I definitely wouldn’t want the movie to ruin the ending for you. I think the movies are going to pale in comparison to the books (also like Harry Potter, actually I guess most all books that have become movies are like that). And if you aren’t planning on reading the books at all then you should definitely reconsider your choice, because I am almost positive that you will be hooked just like about almost everyone that I know.


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