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Getting Past the Velvet Rope in Miami [Dating Ell-A]

This week I was at the Fontainebleau in Miami being reminded of the good life.  Sure I was there for work and sure, being in a suit at the best beach bar in Miami on Friday around 3 pm wasn’t the best look I’ve ever sported, but nonetheless, I was there.

The Lakers were in town, playing against the Miami Heat and the place was already buzzing. A couple cool bars, a couple cool clubs and a crowd that starts to come alive around 11 pm.  One of the clubs, Liv, continues to be the place to see and be seen and there was no way I was getting into that club with my conference badge and navy blue suit.

That is until I met Terrance.

Terrance wasn’t a basketball player but he was with the team.  I really didn’t get the details because it didn’t matter.  He “lived” across the hall from me and we met in the elevator. Why is it that the elevator is such an awkward yet perfect place to meet someone?  First, you are trapped in a tin can with someone you don’t know. Second, coming in from a run on the beach (and not looking so hot) and being stuck in the elevator with a man that smells so good is just not fair if you are the girl in the equation.  Third, at $700 a night, you know the person beside you in the elevator either has a company paying the bill or is pretty well-off financially.   Awkward, yet a bit perfect.

Our eyes caught in the elevator.  He smiled at me and I mumbled something about which floor are you on as I pushed the button for my floor.

He said he needed the 15th floor, too.

As we catapulted 15 floors into the air, I tried to look busy messing with my iPod and cell phone.  It’s was hard to look legitimately busy; my cell phone kept getting stuck on the letter “c” when I tried to google to check up on the daily news.  Whatever. It was only 15 floors and we were already to floor 12.

When we hit our floor, I got out first.  The hallway was to the right of the elevator, and as I made the turn, Terrance was right behind me.  Expecting him to stop at one of the rooms we passed at any second, I kept walking.  As I passed door after door, he kept following me.  Finally, I was at my door and as I put in the key, he said, “That’s cool – we are neighbors.”  As I turned to look, he was putting his key in the door which was across the hall from mine.  I had a jr. suite that overlooked the ocean.  He had one that overlooked the pool.  “What are you up to tonight?” he asked.  “Oh, I’m meeting up with a friend for a drink later” I replied.  I didn’t tell him it was an old work friend of mine who chronically cancelled and couldn’t be trusted to follow through.   “Great – I am going to be downstairs at the club if you want to meet up later.  I’ll be in the VIP section.  Just tell them Terrance said to let you in.”   “Thanks,” I replied with a smile.  “I hope to see you again soon.”

As the night wore on, I wondered if I should go and meet Terrance for a drink.  After the debate droned on in my head for an hour, I finally just decided to go.  What could be the worst thing that could happen?  Terrance could have lied and I would look like an idiot, standing at the velvet rope, begging to get in.

Good thing I made the right decision.

As I brushed past the velvet rope, I saw Terrance smiling in the distance. This was going to be a good night after all…

featured image credit: leah.jones