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Guess the Lyric: You-5: Me-0

Well, Angela from Texas, ended the week right for you guys by putting her pride aside and guessing correctly that Friday’s song was “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All.”

So I suppose you guys think you’re pretty bad-ass because you managed to streak me for one whole week. But all I have to say about that is whatevs. I doubt you can do it two weeks in a row.

That all said, what electro pop band accused an unnamed (and one would hope, former) lover of this:

You don’t feel
Do not know what you steal
Shakes your hand
Takes your gun
Walks you out of the sun

Guesses in the comments. See you tomorrow for the answer. Til then, do yourself a favor and watch this Air Supply video after the jump. White boy fro, bad acting, dubious concert crowd, a private plane, oversized jackets, surreally plarandom blond, bad lightening effects, mullet, and some serious overstating of Air Supply’s fame-level — really this just might be the worst music video in the history of ever. In fact, I challenge you to name a worst one.