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Guess the Random Lyric: You-1; Me-0

So yeah, yesterday Kelli from “Fierce in Seattle” started the ball rolling with guessing that Monday’s lyric was from “Moon River.” Then Jennifer from The Internet guessed that this one came from Henry Mancini. Then Amy from “Tall Drink of Nerd” came up with the Johnny Mercer co-writing credit. Then slpc from “Fierce OR Nerdy” put forth that Audrey Hepburn sang the song in the movie. Then all you lousy song guessers held hands and sang “Kumbayah.”

Whatevs, let’s see how you do for today’s Indie Tuesday. Now I went on and on about this song for like month straight on my old blog, so if you were paying attention circa pre-September 2008 OR if you have good taste in music, you might know this next one.

He came out of the blue,
And went right back into it

Guesses in the comments, and two old legends after the jump: