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Guess the Random Lyric: FINAL SCORE: ME=3; You=2

jenny from the Internet guessed correctly that Friday’s lyric was from “More Than a Feeling” by Boston, but happily for me, that point was not enough to give you the win, and I won the week. Hurrah!

But let’s see how you do this week. Okay, first up classic Monday. One word clue: Showtune. And since the singer(s) are a little imposs to remember, I’ll take the song’s title and the man who played the lead in the movie version of this musical.

I’m a mean old hound dog
Bayin’ at the moon
‘cause I ain’t got no
Lady friend hound dog

Guesses in the comments and Boston, looking 70s-tastic after the jump. Not only do I want lead singer, Brad Delp’s jacket, but if I were a white guy I would want to look exactly like him sweet ‘stache and all.