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Guess the Random Lyric: Final Score: You-3; Me-2

So apparently I way underestimated Angela G’s from Texas love of 70’s rock, b/c she was so like, “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple a few moments after the GTRL post went up. So I guess you guys win the week. Annoyance.

But let’s kick of this week with a dead, but still awesome singer, who I decided to use at the GTRL after hearing their name on an episode of Desperate Housewives last week. Here’s a song that was covered by many, but done best by this person in my opin:

Let’s fly way up to the clouds
Away from the maddening crowds

Guesses in the comments. And Deep Purple live after the jump. I chose this particular performance, b/c there’s a rainbow in the background. I like rainbows…