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Guess the Random Lyric: FINAL SCORE: You=2 1/2; Me=2

Dangit! Thanks to Amy from “Tall Drink of Nerd” guessing correctly that the Thursday before last’s lyric was from “Feelin’ Good” by Nina Simone you beat me by one measly half-point in our Scottish and French Music Theme week. But I’m back in America now, so this week, there will be no theme for you to lean on.

First up, Showtune Monday. This song of delight kept running through my head while I was in Paris for some reason, perhaps b/c it pretty much defines having a grand time.

Bed! Bed! I couldn’t go to bed! 
My head’s too light to try to set it down!

Guesses in the comments and Nina Simone feeling good in this wonderful fan video/art class project after the jump: