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Guess the Random Lyric: Me-1: You-0

If you’re wondering why I’m cackling and rubbing my hands together, it’s because I stumped you guys on Monday after you swept me last week. But apparently, you wanted me to be really happy upon re-entry into the country, because no one guessed that yesterday’s lyric was from Carly Simon’s “Do the Walls Come Down.”

But let’s see how you all do today.

Getting back to really good music, if David Bowie wasn’t already my favorite strange, skinny white guy, the guy who sang this would be:

To our love send a dozen white lilies
To our love send a coffin of wood

Guesses in the comments, and I’ll see you tomorrow to crow some more if you don’t get this one. Meanwhile, here’s an equally cheesy General Hospital supercouple Jason and Liz You Tube edit job to go along with one of my favorite cheesy songs. Enjoy…