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Guess the Random Lyric: Me-2 1/2; You- 1 1/2

Dudes, I don’t want to say that you need to fall in love with Public Enemy again, but I’m assuming that you don’t have all of their lyrics emblazoned across your conscious, as I do, because none of you guessed that yesterday’s GtRL was from the last big single, “Harder Thank You Think.”

But will you be able to “Bring the Noise” today and get out of the week with a tie? Or on Monday will I be jumping up and down and chanting, “I win! I win! I win!”

Man, I hope it’s the latter. Let’s see.

In the past few weeks I’ve featured a lot of great songs that also have great covers. However, this next artist is basically uncoverable. In fact a few people have tried and it always turns out horribly.

Well I open my eyes, I was blind as can be
When you give a man luck, he must fall in the sea

Guesses in the comments, and what that after the jump? Oh hello, P.E.!