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Guess the Random Lyric: Me-3!!! You-1

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that wins graciously. Unfortunately (for you) I’m so not that chyck. So SUPER DUPER YEA!!! None of you guessed that yesterday’s lyric was from “The World Should Revolve Around Me” by Little Jackie.

I’m soooo happy, and wish I was there with each and every one of you, so that I could rub it in yo face. Have I said yea yet? Yea! Yea! Yea!

But let’s see if you guys can get out of here w/ a liddle bit of dignity.

Seriously, if you don’t know this, you’re like not even a fan of music, b/c it’s one of the most fun songs ever.

I hope you know this will go down
on your permanent record
oh yeah well don’t get so distressed
did I happen to mention that I’m impressed

Guesses in the comments, and the 2nd best Afro in the music biz (1st obvs belongs to Erykah Badu), after the jump: