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Guess the Random Lyric: Me-4; You-5

Oh snap! Nobody guessed that yestereday’s lyric was from “This Way” by Dialated Peoples featuring Kanye West. So that means I might tie this up with this next lyric.

But then again I might not, b/c the next song is full of awesome goodness, and I’d be shocked if nobody knew it. Unfortunately, I pick all the songs at the beginning of the week, and I always stick to the list no matter who’s winning, so as not to corrupt the process. Otherwise, I’d totally swap it out just to get my own evil way.

That all complained, back in high school when I was writing my unpublishable (pre-Twilight) wonder about a regualar black girl with a vampire for an older brother, I listened to this song A LOT.

Winter nights we sang in tune
Played inside the months of moon

Guesses in the comments, and props to Chicago for the video after the jump. Hopefully this will help keep you guys warm, b/c I hear it’s kind of cold out there right now. I especially like the bit when the guy literally juggles two women and the flutist. Not enough rap getting assists from the flute these days.