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Guess the Random Lyric: Me-4; You-6 – Final Score

Wow, that was exciting. Our first double or nothing week in FaN history ended with a win for you guys, thanks to Angela from Texas who guessed correctly that last Friday’s lyric was from “Magic Man” by Heart. But this week is all about change, right, so let’s see who wins.

Last week, I featured a song from TV on the Radio, my favorite band of 2008. But this happens to be my favorite NEW band of 2008. MGMT ran a close second, but alas I only like 3 songs on their entire album, while I could listen to my #1’s album again and again and again — which in fact I did until my former next door office neighbor asked me to play something else. But who sang:

He’s got two left feet
And he bites my moves

Guesses in the comments and Heart on some random foreign TV show after jump. If anyone recognizes the language that the host is speaking, please let us know what it is.