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Guess the Random Lyric: Me=3; You=1 1/2

Sweet! I’ve totally won the week already, b/c no one guessed that yesterday’s lyric was from “A Rose Is Still A Rose” by Aretha Franklin. Thank you for that.

Right now, though, let’s cap off our Religion-themed week with 70s or 80s Friday. This late 80s/early 90s rap superstar actually started out in a Christian rap group, strayed from his faith while successful and of course came back went that success went away. This wasn’t his most popular song, but it remains by favorite.

They said it couldn’t happen, that rap wouldn’t last
The beat is in effect like the oil in your gas
Cause it’s makin lots of money from top to bottom
Whatever in effect, yo, b-boys have got em
Nobody knows how a rapper really feels
A mind full of rhymes, and a tongue of steel

Guesses in the comments and Ms. Franklin in her lovely garden after the jump. Respect!