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Guess The Random Lyric: Today is Friday, September 12

Wow, I so thought none of you guys were awesome enough to now the early oeveure of Andrew W.K. But apparently Zacki from Los Angeles also appreciates the finer things in life — like new millenium hair metal with a kick-ass guitar. He guessed correctly that Thursday’s Guess the Random Lyric was “Party Hard” by Andrew W.K.

So as we go into the weekend, we’ve got a Random Lyric from one of my favorite songs of all time. Here’s a small clue. The title of this song has already been mentioned in one of this week’s Fierce and Nerdy blogposts, because it was the same title used by another group, who put out their track a year beforehand.

Anyway that all rather convolutedly stated, who sang:

I’m lost in admiration
Could I need you this much?

Guesses in the comments. And I’ll post the answer on Monday.

Til then, here’s the Andrew W.K. video that is not allowed to be seen in the American South after Labor Day, even though he insists his outfit is “winter whites.” Video after the jump: