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Guess the Random Lyric: Today is Tuesday, Sept. 23

Another stumper! I don’t know whether to crow or be disappointed that you guys obviously don’t have the soundtrack to The Color Purple memorized like I do.

Either way, the answer can be found in the video, which is after the jump.

Okay, according to my aunt, who went to the same school as this next Guess the Lyric singer. All the popular kids made fun of her when she transferred to their Missouri high school, because she had a southern accent and “smelled funny.”

But now she’s cooler than all of those popular kids, so there. Here’s a random lyric from a one of her songs that I never felt got the respect it should’ve:

See him move through smoke and mirrors
feel his presence in the crowd
other girls they gather around him
if I had him I wouldn’t let him out

Man, I love this song. Answer in the comments.

Sorry, but I couldn’t find the scene by itself. But the song’s called “The Dirty Dozens” and it’s about two minutes in.