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Guess the Random Lyric: You-1; Me-0

In one of the most labored paths to guess the random lyric that I have ever seen, CH from “Buy Me This,” slpc from Cali, and Zacki from “Tall Glass of Shame” all deserve a little bit of credit for figuring out that yesterday’s lyric was from the “The White Sandy Beachs of Hawaii” by IZ — he has a much longer name, but no one outside of Hawaii really uses it, b/c it’s too hard to spell.

Anyway, here’s what went down. When CH got up in the morning, he read the GTRL and said, “That’s easy. Everyone’s going to get that.” CH’s definition of “easy” usually means “I know it,” so I told him that I didn’t think that you guys would and he should just go ahead and guess it. He insisted that someone else would get it and didn’t make a guess.

Cue CH’s lunch time, which is at 3pm, b/c he works in late night television. He sees that (as predicted by me) none of you have guessed the lyric. So he asks in the comments, apparently out of frustration, “Have none of you ever been to Hawaii?” And then after some back and forth about the exact title of the song and name of the singer, slpc and Zacki figure it out. It would’ve been funny, except I didn’t get the point.

Anyway, let’s get into this next band, which I was introduced to by Clark from “Nerd Date.” Basically they specialize in 70s-laced upbeat music, and they’re so brilliant that they’re widely acclaimed but not necessarily widely appreciated — though they totally should be. Who sang…

I’m looking, looking, looking for your heartbeat
Oooh just understand I wanna be your man

Guesses in the comments. And Iz live on a white sandy beach after the jump. BTW, Iz’s full name is Israel Ka?ano?i Kamakawiwo?ole, so yeah, you can see why it’s totally fine to just call him Iz.