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Guess the Random Lyric: You-1: Me-0

Fine. Amy from Stinky Junior’s Blog guessed correctly that yesterday’s showtune week lyric was “Everything’s Alright” from Jesus Christ Superstar. And a few people are already trying to trash talk about how I’m going to get whooped this week. Well, we’ll see about that.

This is one of two closing numbers that I loved so much, I immediately downloaded the soundtrack as soon as I got home. The other closing number is coming up later in the week. But for now, who sang

I was lost til I heard the drums
Then i found my way

Guesses in the comments, and Jesus Christ gets all superstar after the jump. My father used to actually quote Jesus’ speech about how there will always be poor people whenever I questioned the morality of his extravagant-to-the-point-of-silliness spending habits as a teenager, which probably explains my sometimes rabid anti-materialism. Still I find the Mary M bit particularly soothing.