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Guess the Random Lyric: You-3; Me-1


I’m feeling sorry for myself, b/c Jessica from the Internet guessed correctly that yesterday’s lyric was from “I Go Blind” by Hootie and the Blowfish, which mean that you guys have already won our 90s-themed week. How sad.

But let’s see if I can get out of here with some dignity intact.

Basically, this is like my favorite song from the 90s, even though I wasn’t introduced to it until 2004. And slpc you’re not allowed to guess, since you were the one that made that fateful introduction. Ryan D and Justin Time, you’re also not allowed to guess, since you co-signed her check. Ha, that should teach you guys to expand my musical horizons!

Rent a flat above a shop,
cut your hair and get a job.

Guesses in the comments, and Darius Rucker live and in a cowboy hat after the jump. Seriously, more black people should wear cowboy hats. I think we look especially good in them.