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Guess the Random Lyric: You=2; Me=0

Aaaaahhh! How could this happen??? You guys NEVER know Top 40. It’s like your Achilles heel. Yet, Amy from “Book Simple” guessed correctly that yesterday’s lyric was from “U + Ur Hand” by Pink. How extremely annoying. But let’s see if I can end your “Women Who Kick Ass!” streak with Soundtrack Wednesday.

So I only saw this movie once a very long time a ago, but I remember think that the main character kicked SO much ass. Also, the theme song was off the hook and sung by one of my favorite kick-ass singers of all time. I need the song and the movie for the point. No bonus half points since you’re so far ahead already, but I will be extra impressed if you also give me the singer.

This shattered dream you cannot justify.
We’re gonna scream until we’re satisfied.

Guesses in the comments and storybook Pink after the jump: