Hello Friday: An Open Fan Feb13

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Hello Friday: An Open Fan

This is a cross-post for Nate Barlow’s sports blog, Deep Into Sports

So a friend of mine who attended USC and her fiancé, who attended UPenn got into a bit of an argument the other day. While he enjoys attending USC football games with her, he refuses to wear any USC gear or wave any USC props, because he feels that would be a deep portrayal to his most favored team, UPenn.

He wouldn’t be moved on this matter, even when she offered to wear UPenn swag if they ever went to a game at his alma mater. In fact, he chastised her for making the offer. And he wasn’t joking.

paintedsportsfanNow I’m the kind of chyck that loves team gear. In fact, if I have no personal connection to the team and I’m going to the game, the gear is the only thing that keeps me happy and involved. I love dressing the part of a fan. In fact, while in London in my mid-twenties, I almost agreed to go to a soccer game in the freezing cold on New Years Day, just so I could get one of those clever scarves.

Alas, I was too hungover to get out of bed that morning (note to travelers, if ever offered wine, champagne and hashish at a NYE dinner party, don’t make plans for the next morning). But I would’ve gone otherwise, even though I had never heard of the two teams that were playing. The scarves were that cute.

And part of the reason that I can’t get into The Lakers, though they’re reputedly a good team is that I don’t like their colors. Purple and Gold? Really? I don’t think that jersey would look cute on me.

I know what a lot of you are thinking right now, “Not a true fan.” But in my opinion, true fandom is rather overvalued – especially these days when players leave teams at the drop of a kajillion-dollar, multi-year contract. Why bother with being a true fan? I’d rather be an “open fan” – as in if I didn’t go to your college or live for a time in your city, I’m still open to cheering for your team.

As long as you have cute team colors.

So Purple in Gold? No.

Kelly Green and White? Hmm, I could definitely work that. Go Celtics!


flickr.com photo credit: TalayehS