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Hello Friday: FaN Notes [April 15, 2011]

I’m done with taxes, but I still find myself with so much to do this weekend, including co-hosting a baby shower and a possible trip to Disneyland (please don’t ask how I got suckered into this for a second year in a row — motherhood has obviously made me weak). But before I dive into my weekend, let’s review our fantastic week at Fierce in Nerdy:

1. Big thanks to Eric Sims for helping me put my finger on why I don’t love either golf or baseball. However, unlike Eric, I do have some really fond memories of going to Cardinals games with the family — but now that I think about it, that might be b/c I brought a book along. [California Seething: The Sleepy, Soul-Killing Sports of Summer]

2. Like Michael Kass, I, too, often wish that there was a way to scan the people I encounter day-to-day. Imagine if we could get a readout on every person we passed on the street. How much more interesting would that make my walking commute? [Single White Nerd: FacePlant]

Wondering whether to invest in a Nintendo 3DS? Click on the pic to read Joshua Irish's review!

3. I don’t believe in spanking for the exact same reason that a lot of people who do believe in spanking believe in it. My sister and I were raised without spankings and we turned out fine. Neither of us got in fights at our somewhat violent high school and we both went on to become successful people. I think the studies for and against spankings are both skewed, b/c at the end of the day they’re not studying your exact kid or your exact situation. What annoys me especially, though, is that my mother was judged relentlessly for not spanking us and I’m already hearing guff from a few of my relatives about my daughter being spoiled. I just keep my answer of “You mean spoiled like my sister and me who turned out pretty fricking great?” to myself. I don’t aggressively try to talk other black moms out of spanking, so I’m a little weirded out that so many of them feel it’s totally acceptable to try to convince those of us who don’t spank that we should. How about if we all agree to just let everyone raise their kids the way they see fit? [Political Physics: To Spank or Not to Spank?]

4. Haven’t cleaned off your special friend in a while? I bet you will after reading this. [Ask Dr. Miro: YEASTY!]

5.¬†As someone whose parents wouldn’t fund my indulgence in stupid fads, I’m outrageously jealous that Zack had a Hypercolor shirt back in the day. Some kids have all the luck! [Tall Glass of Shame: Hypercolor Shirts and Other Stupid Fads]